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The Six Dimensions of Wellness


By applying the Six Dimensional Model, a person becomes aware of the interconnectedness of each dimension and how they contribute to healthy living. This holistic model explains:

  • How a person contributes to their environment and community, and how to build better living spaces and social networks
  • The enrichment of life through work, and its interconnectedness to living and playing
  • The development of belief systems, values, and creating a world-view
  • The benefits of regular physical activity, healthy eating habits, strength and vitality as well as personal responsibility, self-care and when to seek medical attention
  • Self-esteem, self-control, and determination as a sense of direction
  • Creative and stimulating mental activities, and sharing your gifts with others



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Dimension #1: EMOTIONAL

Emotional wellness includes the degree to which one feels positive and enthusiastic about oneself and life. In this dimension, it is important to be aware of and accept one’s feelings & take an optimistic approach to life.


Dimension #2: OCCUPATIONAL

Occupational wellness refers to satisfaction in one’s work. In this dimension, it is important to seek out a career which is consistent with one’s personal values, interests, and beliefs. Individuals are encouraged to develop functional, transferable skills through structured involvement opportunities, and to remain active and involved.


Dimension #3: PHYSICAL Physical wellness puts focus and emphasis on movement, fitness, sleep, relaxation, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including the consumption of foods and beverages that enhance rather than impair good health.


Dimension #4: SOCIAL

Social wellness includes making contributions to the common welfare of one’s community and thinking of others. In this dimension, it is important to live in harmony with others and the environment.


Dimension #5: INTELLECTUAL

Intellectual wellness is defined as lifelong learning. In this dimension, it is important to stretch one’s thinking and challenge one’s mind in both intellectual and creative pursuits, in addition to Identifying potential problems and choosing appropriate courses of action based on available information.


Dimension #6: SPIRITUAL

Spiritual wellness recognizes one’s search for meaning and purpose in human existence. In this dimension, it is important to be true to oneself, live each day in a way that is consistent with one’s values and beliefs, go beyond faith and religion to ponder the meaning of life, and be tolerant of the beliefs of others.


Applying a wellness approach can be useful in nearly every human endeavor. As a pathway to optimal living, wellness is being applied to related fields, such as health promotion and holistic health, and has seen a growth in “helping professions” including counseling and medical arts and practices.

The National Wellness Institute devised three questions that can help persons and organizations assess the degree to which wellness is incorporated into a particular approach or program:

  • Does this help people achieve their full potential?
  • Does this recognize and address the whole person (multi-dimensional approach)?
  • Does this affirm and mobilize peoples’ positive qualities and strengths?


Source: National Wellness Institute


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