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Nutrition Backed By Science


Since liposomes are made of the same material as most cells, your body recognizes them as a friendly substance


Meet the inventor of the Liposome…

Alec Douglas Bangham
Haematologist and Inventor of Liposomes
Born in Manchester, UK, on Nov 10, 1921
Passed away in Great Shelford, UK,
on March 9, 2010

Liposome inventor nutra relief liposomal nutrition natural supplementation

What Are Liposomes?

A Liposome (LY-poh-SOH-m) is a nutrient formulation that contains the active nutrient inside very tiny, fat-like particles. This form is easier for the body to absorb and delivers more nutrients to target areas in the body. Liposomes are spherical-shaped phospholipid pods filled with aqueous nutrients and indeed represent the most extensively studied and advanced supplement delivery technology.

Absorption is the movement of nutrients into the circulatory system. Bioavailability is the degree to which nutrients can be used by the body at a cellular level. 

The bioavailability of conventional dietary supplements, such as tablets and capsules, can be drastically reduced by the process of digestion and those who may have difficult gastrointestinal or digestive issues.

Superior Natural Absorption

Benefits of Liposomal Delivery Technology

Liposomal Delivery Technology LDT
Cellular Compatibility

Liposomes are made of the same material as most cells therefore, your body recognizes them as phospholipid friendly substance.

Liposomal Delivery Technology LDT
Increase Absorption

Protects against the harsh environment of the GI tract and increases bioactive uptake absorption.

Liposomal Delivery Technology LDT
Self Regulating

Liposomal topicals can optimize cellular uptake and effectiveness and can be easily adjusted to a lower or higher dose to meet individual needs.

Liposomal Delivery Technology LDT
Larger Payload

Provides a larger nutrient payload per particle. Offers higher bioavailability and absorption compared to conventional capsules.

Liposomal Delivery Technology LDT
Penetration Enhancer

Once applied on the skin, liposomes rupture and diffuse as a lipidic mixture that acts as a penetration enhancer.

Liposomal Delivery Technology LDT
Avoids Digestion

Timing of the dose does not require accompaniment or exclusion of food as the absorption via the liposome avoids the digestive process.

Why Use The Skin?

Our Certified Liposomal Delivery Technology (LDT) topical creams provide the benefit of being absorbed directly into the circulatory system without having to pass through the acid bath and bile salts that are so aggressive in the dilution and destruction of the “bioactive” properties in ingredients.

It is well known that the digestive secretions in the stomach (HCL) Hydrochloric Acid for example, alter the desired results of most ingested medications and supplements. This is amplified especially with those who may have difficult gastrointestinal or digestive issues.

By using the SKIN as the point of supplementation any part of your torso can offer a steady source of the building blocks that will nourish your body with vitamins, amino acids and minerals rich with the nutrients our bodies need to maintain optimal health and function.

layers of human skin

How Are They Absorbed?

Liposomes can be designed to deliver nutrients in multiple ways. Some liposomes work to deliver nutrients by diffusion rather than by ‘direct’ cell fusion.

Other liposomes release nutrient molecules by membrane fusion with the cellular plasma membrane. The nutrient encapsulated in the liposome is protected from metabolism and the molecule becomes active only after release from the liposome sheath, and without degradation.

They are easily absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin, mucous membranes in your mouth and digestive tract.

Liposome delivery in lotions overcomes the limitations of oral therapy and provides a steady state of nutrient delivery

Certified & Trusted​

Our Certified Liposomal Delivery System (LDT)® is a unique and alternative pathway for the delivery of bio-actives into the circulatory system. The delivery of vitamins, minerals and amino acids using this route, overcome the limitations of oral therapy and can provide a steady state of nutrient delivery.