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  • Net Wt. (1) Trauma Max Tension Reliief (1.85 oz)
  • Net Wt. (1) Magnesium Citrate (1.75 oz)
  • Net Wt. (1) Glutathione Plus (1.95 oz)
  • Net Wt. (1) Melatonin (1.75 oz)


To talk about optimal sports performance, we must emphasize the importance of recovery. Without adequate recovery, an athlete can’t reach their goals and could injure themselves. During the recovery process, the energy reserves of the body are restored.

In addition, all the substances that were involved with the execution of the physical work are restored. Physical capacities need to be reestablished as well, in order to increase performance and reduce the risk of injuries. “It’s proven that the efficacy of physical training depends on the speed with which your energy systems and substrates are lost during your workout and are able to recover.” Our Workout Recovery Kit Creams are formulated using our registered, trademarked Certified Liposomal Delivery Technology (LDT).


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Product information

What makes this creams unique

Energy reserves of the body are restored
Reduce the risk of injuries.
"Increase the speed with which your energy systems and substrates lost during your workout are able to recover. "


When you recover, you give your body a chance to adapt to the stress that you put it through with exercise. During this process, your tissue repairs and your muscles are replenished with more glycogen, their energy stores. Recovery allows them to heal. This is how we grow muscle and get stronger and leaner.

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